Tampa chiropractor Dr. Brad McHenry is one of the leading chiropractors in the Tampa Bay area at combining chiropractic medicine, injury rehabilitation and disease prevention. Dr. McHenry is committed to providing pain relief and clearing up chronic symptoms so that you can have a higher quality of life. Don’t just take our word for it though – visit our testimonials page with over 30 success stories from past patients ranging from low back pain, to carpal tunnel, to fibromyalgia, to headaches and weight loss.

Your quality of life comes first in everything we do. Anyone who as ever suffered from a chronic disease or debilitating injury knows the emotional pain of not being able to participate in hobbies you love, not being able to travel to special events and having to sit on the sidelines as an observer rather than a participant in life. This emotional pain can often times be worse than the physical.

When Health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself.
Art cannot become manifested, strength cannot fight.
Wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied.
Herophilus of Chalcedon, Physician to Alexander the Great


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What’s Your Story?

These are the stories of other Tampa residents that made the wise decision to take control of their own health care. A major similarity in their stories is that they never stopped searching for a solution. Even while under the care of other doctors and health care providers, something in the back of their minds told them ‘there must be another way’.

Perhaps you have a back pain story like 65 year-old George who rarely slept through the night and couldn’t sit up in bed most mornings due to intense neck and back pain. George had tried chiropractic 20 years ago, but found it ineffective and turned to pain pills instead.Now he’s back out on the golf course and reducing his handicap through better flexibility and more time to practice.

Perhaps you have a pain that radiates into your hips and legs like Randy. Although already under the care of another chiropractor he came in for a second opinion and hasn’t had any similar problems since.

Perhaps you’ve had a fall or an auto accident that resulted in a concussion and whiplash like Linda who has recovered mobility after being hit at 50 mph from the side.

Perhaps you’ve been getting pain medicine injections to dull the pain from sciatica like Marion who hasn’t been back to the pain clinic for another shot since we first saw her.

Perhaps you’ve had a physically demanding job all your life like Jack, a retired Tampa police officer. After struggling with pain that made it hard to get out of bed, jack is thrilled to be boating and riding motorcycles again.

You must be an active participant in seeking out the providers and the solutions that will get results for you.  If you are reading this page and have pain that affects your quality of life, make the decision to get another opinion from Tampa chiropractor Dr. Brad McHenry. Even if you are currently under the care of another Tampa chiropractor, a physical therapist, an orthopedic surgeon or pain management physician.

Our initial consultation is 100% free – our gift to you.

Our approach to care is highly individualized because everyone’s story is different. We want to hear your story so that we can you an honest assessment of whether our approaches can help you. To get started:

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